What we do

We contribute to the long term profitability of our clients by providing legal advice in the areas of business and property law.

We will take the time to understand our clients and their business. Our advice does not exist in a vacuum, and by understanding our clients’ businesses and industry we can do a better job for our clients in applying the law to their particular circumstances.

We also believe in working closely with our client’s other business partners such as accountants, finance providers and other professionals to achieve our client’s objective. Where necessary and in consultation with our client we will recommend the use of specialised service providers, such as barristers or accountants with a particular field of expertise.

There can be several solutions to any one problem. Through understanding our client and their business, we examine the costs and the benefits of each solution and in conjunction with our client implement the appropriate solution.

Many of our clients initially approach us when they are about to start a business and we work with them to grow the clients business. Our advice for a business in the start up phase can be tailored to suit the budget of the individual business, and can be delivered in stages as the business is established.

As our clients’ businesses grow we help with the issues that growth can bring, By being involved in particular industries and working with many clients over the years from start up through growth to maturity and succession we are familiar with the issues in the life of a business and their successful resolution.

We will provide an estimate of our fees at the start of particular piece of work for our client. Legal services are provided to achieve an agreed outcome at an agreed cost within an agreed time frame. Unexpected developments in the course of a particular piece of work are discussed with clients promptly to establish an agreed course of action. Enquiries from clients are usually answered by the next business day.

As a small practice we do not try to be all things to all people. To maintain our focus we concentrate on business and property law for small and medium sized enterprises in the retail pharmacy, information technology, transport, childcare and property industries.

In order to keep our focus we do not act in family law, personal injury or criminal matters, and are happy to refer our clients to other law firms who do act in these matters.