Whether you are a customer or supplier of a company, a shareholder or a director, we provide advice on the increasingly complex area of company law. If you are in business you will either be in a company or deal with them almost daily. In our experience, an aspect of company law will usually be involved in most business transactions.


Advising you on the one of the most popular business formats. We will help negotiate the initial franchise agreement, advise you on its requirements when you are operating your franchise and help resolve problems as they arise.

Purchase and sale of businesses

Advising you on the process of buying or selling a business, preparing the contracts, helping with due diligence, checking the liabilities of the business, working closely with your accountant, bank and business broker, dealing with any regulatory issues, finalising the transaction, advising and implementing an appropriate ownership structure.

Intellectual property

Advising you on copyright, confidentiality, trademarks, business reputation, preparing contracts and agreements to buy, sell or license rights, helping you to commercialise your intellectual property, acting on your behalf in conflicts and disputes.

Financing of businesses

Advising you on the financial institution’s requirements, its documents, helping you to meet those requirements, explaining the paperwork you need to sign and helping negotiate changes, talking to you about the options you have to finance your business.


Advising you on your rights as an employer or contractor, preparing employment agreements, disciplinary issues.

Dispute resolution

Helping you to resolve differences and disagreements, negotiate settlements, and when necessary, and often as a last resort, prepare and conduct your case in the proper court or tribunal.